About us

As a company we have an interest in a broad range of genres, from science fiction/fantasy to spaghetti westerns and classic English and American cinema. When writing our emphasis is on story and plot as a craft. We have a fine eye for detail that works its way through the film/series production stages. From pre-production to post, we meticulously work on creating the exact atmosphere for the project. A current fascination is with retro cinema/Television from the 1930’s to the 1960’s. we are looking to developing our skill beyond use of C.G.I. and rely less heavily on computer imagery and more emphasis on matte painting and prop design to create a look more naturalistic in its finish. However if need be we can return to good ‘old’ CGI!

From concept to finished film we have a wealth of talented creative people as part of our team. Just click on a thumbnail to meet the team!