In the begining there was Aberlonia………….A long time ago in the top left remote corner of Wales was a mythical and wonderous land, the legendary floating island country called Abalonia. Celtic in it’s origin the modern derivation is Aberlonia.

In 1904 the Aberlonia Pathe’ Company was set up in Dolgellau to film and record a vanishing way of Life, that of the last surviving inhabitants of Abalonia. The company branched out to film and present in cinema’s throughout the nation, news on the ‘Home Front’ as they put it. Current affairs in a magazine format, much the same as their English cousin’s. The company reached it’s zenith during the war years and in the 1950′s, but with the increase in people weatching television at the tale end of the 1950′s into the 1960′s the company was ever on the decline. In 1985 Aberlonia Pathe’ shot their last report, included in our repraisal of their legacy, as ‘The Tales of Abalonia’ in the guru’s tale.