Abalonian Films

lamp1abalon-home3Abalonian Films is an Independent Film Production Company providing professional quality promotional video films for websites and social media.
We offer:

  • Business Promotional Film
  • Music video
  • Documentary
  • Third Sector Community Film
  • Quirky scripted Film

Video offers the easiest and most entertaining way to attract and engage visitors. It is easily shared on social media and offers an emotive and immersive impression of your business to potential customers.
We can tailor the ideal package for your budget and target audience, whether you need a short documentary style video or a scripted costumed mini-epic.
Our video packages include:

  • Storyboarding & scripting
  • Sound design & editing
  • Motion Graphics and title sequences
  • Musical Score & Licensed soundtrack

For further information contact info@abalonianfilms.co.uk



Tybulus Tyburn: Writer & Director.

tybulus-tyburn1After working for 11 years as a specialist Art and Design Technology teacher at secondary school level, I completed a Masters degree in Film at The International Film School Based at The University of Wales, Newport. After a lifetime love of film and film making I have decided to Venture into film Production.

I am currently working on independent film production as well as my own projects. In this area have mainly worked as production designer. Have a broad range of skills: being able to work in a variety of materials wood, metal and plastic, plaster.

At degree level I concentrated on sculpture, drawing and developing visualisation skills and animation. I have turned my hand to all aspects of film production including set design/prop design & building, sound design. I am currently working with Adobe After Effects on digital effects and work with the Avid editing suite and Apples Final Cut Pro. I am also working in digital photography and feature film script development. In the 90s I worked for a time as cartoonist for two local London news papers.

I recently worked as a supporting artist on television series & films such as:

  • Doctor Who (BBC1)
  • Casualty (BBC1)
  • Frankie‚Äôs (BBC1)
  • New Worlds (Channel 4)
  • The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box (Entertainment Motion Pictures)

Skills List:

  • Film & Animation Set Design & Building
  • Sound Design & Voice Artist
  • Animation Armatures & Model Making
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Concept Art
  • Cartoonist
  • Puppetry
  • Script Writing
  • Motion Graphics


Prop & Costume Design